Kids channels are aplenty on the Roku platform and finding the right one for your kids is quite a challenge. Look no further, as the PBS Kids channel is one of its kind that educates and entertains your kids. Watch PBS kids shows such as Odd Squad, Curious George, Bob the builder and Super Why for free on your Roku. You can stream the show live on We will teach you how to activate your Roku, add the PBS Kids channel on roku and add these shows in this article.

Getting your Roku and setting it up

Once you purchase your Roku, you can directly set it up on your home network. Unpack the device and check if it has all the necessary components such as the power adapter. HDMI or Ethernet cables will not be a part of the box, and you have it purchase it separately. Make sure you buy compatible ones depending on your Roku model and your TV or router.

  • Connect the device to a power source
  • Make initial setup arrangements
  • Then, turn on the device
  • It will ask for location and language related details
  • Provide them
  • Now, connect it to your router
  • Use an Ethernet cable or your Wi Fi
  • This depends on the model
  • Wait for software downloads or OS updates to complete
  • Once done, you will receive a code
  • This will be displayed on your TV
  • Note it down quickly
  • And with no further delays use it to link it to your account
  • This is the com link account
  • Create one if you don’t already have it, on the Roku website

The PBS Kids channel – roku

It is a free channel like we mentioned earlier and therefore will not ask you for any subscriptions to enjoy the PBS kids shows. Subsequently, the activation of the channel too is simple and straight forward when compared to a paid channel.

  • Once activated successfully, go to the Streaming channels menu
  • Now, search for the PBS Kids channel
  • It can be easily located under the Kids genre
  • Choose it and add it right away
  • With no more process steps, the channel is added to your device account
  • If not, perform a System update to recheck
  • In case, the channel is still not available, then repeat all steps
  • Sometimes, memory issues can be the cause
  • Reset the device and retry once again

Some educative shows on the channel


A fun TV series that finds Matt and his friends pulled into space protecting their homeland from an attacker. There is a total of 11 seasons that you can stream, each having somewhere around ten episodes.

BOB the builder

A popular series from the late 90s, it teaches kids problem solving techniques and a positive attitude. To get this PBS Kids show, you must activate the channel on your Roku first. This series has around 20 seasons to its credit and an equal number of episodes to each season.

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