Strong Wi-Fi connectivity is one of the most important prerequisites to install, configure and connect your
Roku. But in an event where you are not able to connect to your wireless network or if you are having video
playback issues, then you can check for error messages to identify the specific attribute due to which the
Roku is unable to function. In general, learn these tips for improving the wireless connection to your Roku
from our experts.

Improve Wireless connection on Roku

Immediate steps

  •  Check and update the firmware for the device
  •  Use an extender to increase the range of the Wi-Fi
  • Change the location of the router or the modem
  • Reduce the number of devices on the same network
  • Check the speed of the internet

Place the Roku network where it gets the optimum signal

  • Checking the strength of the signal
  • Go to ‘Setup new wireless connection’ if your player is not connected to the network by first clicking
    on ‘Settings’ and then on ‘Network’
  • If your signal is not good, then check for any interference with the wireless device. There could be
    devices such as microwave ovens, cell phones and other cordless devices obstructing the signal.
    Move them out of the way.
  • You may also want to check if your ISP is currently not providing the speed intended for the player
    or if the service is just down.
  • You may also want to minimize the number of users on a single Wi-Fi network

At the same time, if you have another router, you may want to set up a new wireless connection for
your player. To do this, you just have to follow the instructions when they are displayed

Improve signal by moving the objects

  • Moving the player closer to the router can provide the device with stronger signals
  • Objects in the way can act as walls and obstruct the signal
  • Re-orient the antennas on the router to enhance the strength
  • Do not keep your router or modem inside an enclosed place such as a cabinet
  • Primarily, moving the router or the objects around it can always help in improving the wireless signal

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Some other options you can try

  • If you think that the signal is weak no matter what, then it is best to purchase a new router device. The quality of the router also matters. You may choose the ‘mesh network’ routers or powerline extenders to increase the range of the wireless inside your home.
  • If the Roku device is equipped with an Ethernet port, you may try and connect the device directly to the router with the help of an Ethernet cable to see if it is functioning. More often, connecting it directly through the port and then removing the cable, works.

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