Channel addition – by means of the Roku account

  • Turn ON your PC or laptop and connect to the internet before you begin.
  • Open the Roku com link page on a compatible web browser available on your device.
  • Log into your existing Roku account or create a new if you are a first-time user.
  • First-time users may also have to complete the device activation procedure before moving on to channel addition.
  • After device activation, add a channel by means of the corresponding menu option.
  • There are two types of channels, viz. Roku authorized channel and Roku private channel.
  • Depending on the channel type the channel addition steps will vary.
  • You can explore Roku channel store channels with their names and the private channels with their respective channel codes.
  • Choose the most appropriate channel and add it to your account (same for free and paid).
  • However, if it is a paid channel, you will go through some more steps.
  • Wherein you must provide your PayPal account or credit card details to complete this process.
  • And also, you can set a PIN for your Roku account transactions.
  • Finally, you must perform a system update or refresh the device for the channel addition to reflect.

This way you will be able to add channels to all your Roku device attached to this account in one shot.

add and delete roku channels

Channel addition – by means of the remote

For this process, you need an active Roku streaming player, uninterrupted internet and your credit card (only for paid channels).

  • Turn on the streaming media player, TV and router simultaneously.
  • Also, ensure that these devices are connected properly from end to end by wired or wireless connections.
  • Navigate using the remote (Roku) to the home screen main menu and select the Streaming Channels option.
  • Use the arrow and OK keys on your remote to select the channel; common for all types of Roku remotes.
  • Search for the channel; private channels by their codes and channel store channels by their names.
  • The search function can again be completed by means of the keys on the remote.
  • Highlight your favorite channel and then for the channel type.
  • Further processes will vary according to the type of channel and the payment method used.
  • In order to locate the recently added channel, just navigate to the My Channels list and find the respective channel.

This method can be used to add channels to a single streaming device only. Therefore, to add channels to multiple devices at the same time use the previous method.

Other techniques

Alternatively, make use of the Roku app (available in the app store) to add a channel to the Roku device.

Roku app

  • Download, install and launch the app on your smartphone from the respective app store.
  • From the Settings menu choose channel addition and then search for your favorite channel.
  • Confirm the addition using the respective account PIN and by furnishing your card or PayPal account details.

Channel deletion – from TV or account

Channel deletion – by means of the Roku remote

This method is applicable when channel deletion should be performed for only one streaming device.

  • Use your remote (Roku) for this process and access the HOME button to navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Highlight the channel to be deleted and then use the remote to confirm your selection.
  • Perform a system update and wait for the change to reflect on your device.

Channel deletion – by means of the Roku account

This method is applicable when channel deletion should be performed for multiple streaming devices associated with an account (Roku com link).

Login to your Roku account from a computer or laptop

  • Make use of your personal computer to log in to the respective com link account.
  • In the My Channels list, choose a channel to be removed and then confirm the choice with the OK button.
  • This way you can remove or delete any number of channels from your account.
  • This deletion will reflect on all devices associated with the particular Roku com link account.

Therefore, using the above-mentioned techniques you can perform channel addition or deletion on your Roku devices or accounts.

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