There are many channels hidden from the public eye. These are known as private Roku channels or non-
certified channels. Apparently, they are not available on Roku’s channel store and have to be added
manually. Adjudged as featuring unique content, private channels are considered interesting and usually
capture widespread interest.

Private Roku Channels

Private Roku channels not listed because

  • Beta versions are still in the testing phase
  • Meant for a limited audience
  •  Some of them require a membership
  •  Contains adult content that requires restricted viewing
  •  Basically, the channel is ineligible for being listed in Roku’s channel store

Note: All private channels require a channel code for installation, which you can also find in the Roku’s
Private Channel Directory. Available private channels can change all the time.

Instructions to add

To install these private roku channels, you follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • Go to a ‘Private Channel Directory’ and find the code for the particular channel that you wish to
  •  Once you get the code, log in to the Roku website because you cannot add the code directly to the
  •  To enter the code, first, select ‘My Account’ on the website
  •  Enter your email ID and password and then click on ‘sign in’
  • Find an importance source on how to add and delete roku channels

Get the code

  •  Under ‘Manage Account’ you will find ‘Add Channel with a Code’; go ahead and click on it
  • Then in the text box that you see, type the code that you discovered from the directory listing and
    then select ‘Add Channel’
  •  You will receive a ‘ WARNING ‘ message from Roku that all users should read over before accessing
    the private channels
  •  If you wish to continue adding the channel, just click on ‘Ok’
  •  Then on the next screen click on ‘Yes, add channel’
  •  A page called ‘Channel added’ lets you know that your preferred app is included in your playlist

To add immediately

Simultaneously, you will notice that the added private channel will appear in your lineup on the
channels’ list within 24 hours

  • The player also automatically checks for updates
  • If you do not wish to wait and want to install the channel immediately navigate as follows:
    Settings -> System -> System Update -> Check Now
  • After the private channel installs, it appears alongside your other installed channels on your Roku’s
    Home Screen
  •  If you think you do not want the channel, then press the ‘*’ button on the remote while the channel
    highlighted select ‘Remove Channel’

Places to get codes for Private Channels

You can use mkvXstream or stream to make note of the codes and enter them in directly yourself
on the Roku site. If you use the links available from the sites or any other site, Roku knows where the traffic
comes directed from which could be against the terms and conditions of the player

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